This is an intensive 3 day course which is broken down into bite sized pieces so that over the course of three days students will learn everything they need to know about Reflexology, from the history,  to the benefits, contra-indications, contra-actions, client consultation and practical application of techniques.  Students will learn to appreciate how the feet mirror the body and how, by working the Zones, they can stimulate the systems of the body and bring about balance and harmony.

The course is dedicated to hands-on practice ensuring students can carry out a treatment confidently, safely and effectively.

A comprehensive manual is provided, and students may wish to purchase The Complete Guide to Reflexology by Ruth Hull, an easy to read textbook which covers all aspects of reflexology and includes a comprehensive DVD.

The textbook can be purchased through Amazon or any good book shop.

Students will be asked to provide written case studies. Upon the satisfactory completion and submission of case studies students will be awarded a Diploma in Reflexology provided they can satisfy the Tutor that they are confident and competent.

After the course, ongoing support is provided.

Proof that a student holds a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology is required for this course.


£495 Inclusive of Comprehensive Manual, which will be emailed in PDF format prior to your practical training day, a hard copy of the Routine, your Diploma and ongoing support.


Students are requested to provide their own lunch – refreshments are provided.

Proof of an Anatomy and Physiology qualification is required to undertake this course (or proof that a student is studying for a qualification)

Upon completion of a short exam, practical assessment and the submission of 12 case studies (3 clients, 4 treatments) students will be awarded their Diploma provided they achieve the level of competence and understanding required by the accrediting body. 

AWARDED 40 Points for Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Please Note Students wishing to join the Association of Reflexologist are advised to study Reflexology at ITEC, VTCT or the equivalent.