I recently took up road running, at the tender age of 58, and prior to my first sports massage with Gemma in October 2018 I was struggling with tight calves, hamstrings and hip flexors.

About a week after my first message, I sent her this on messenger. I quote, “Thank you for last Thursday’s introduction to Unimaginable Pain Level 1. It obviously worked well. I smashed a massive PB at the Rockingham 10 miler today and won a Silver medal in the County Championships for my age group. Thank you so much and I will be in contact soon for Unimaginable Pain Level 2.”

For the past two years I have been going to Gemma on a monthly basis, (lockdown excluded), for sports massages which have enabled me to stay flexible, pain free and able to compete at a reasonably high level from 5k’s to marathon’s. Happily the massages soon became a lot less painful but she always manages to find a few knots to iron out.

I am so grateful that I was recommended to go and see Gemma back in 2018 and I will continue to do so.